VISA-RESIDENCE PERMIT information for SUMMER students

VISA-RESIDENCE PERMIT information for FALL and SPRING students

North American Citizens:
As a student studying and living in Budapest for more than 90 days, you will be required to obtain a Residence Permit at the Immigration Office with the help of BSM staff after you arrive in Budapest. As a general rule, you are required to have it pre-approved and obtain a long-term visa from a Hungarian Consulate, but it may not be necessary if certain “measures” are taken.

Non-North American Citizens:
Non-North American citizens may require a Visa in order to enter Hungary, even as a tourist. The process to obtain a Visa can be lengthy so you will want to allow yourself enough time to complete all the necessary steps.

Questions about VISA – Residence Permit? Contact Prof. Agnes Szilard in Budapest at

“Visa”=”Schengen visa”=entry permit (to Hungary and the Schengen region) — some of you must, others are expected but
not required while few of you do not need to get.

“Residency permit” = a permit to stay long term (more than 90 days) in Hungary — (think of it as a temporary US “green
card”) — all of you must get it.

Both documents are issued by the Hungarian Immigration Office.

Most students will be applying for a residency permit in Budapest (BSM makes the appointments) and you will need to bring the following documentation with you there:
• Passport
• 1 passport photo for application at the Immigration Office
• Official letter of acceptance on BSM letterhead-crimped seal sent with handbook. Make a copy for your records.
• Official College International Budapest letter stating your official acceptance (sent with handbook)
• Bank statement verifying you will have sufficient funds for your term abroad. Be sure to cross out all identifying
account numbers (a set number is not determined but somewhere around $1000-$2000 USD)
• A copy of your U.S. health insurance card (required)
• Money to cover the fees for this process – the fee changes but is typically somewhere around $80 USD.

In Budapest, these documents must be taken to the Immigration Office. To expedite the process of getting your residence permit, BSM organizes group appointments and will accompany you to obtain your residence permit. As this is a several hour process, please bring a book or something to do while you are waiting. For specifics on this process please email our office in Budapest: