Spend one or two semesters in beautiful Budapest, Hungary with math-minded undergraduates from across North America studying mathematics with leading Hungarian scholars.


“Hungary is a tiny country, and yet [it] sent to North America an amazing number of outstanding [people] in all intellectual fields, scientific, literary and artistic.”     – Laura Fermi, Illustrious Immigrants

“Clearly, the Hungarian educational system has been the most successful for pure mathematics; it’s a model that ought to be studied very carefully because it works.”     – Donald Knuth, Two Year College Mathematics Journal, Vol. 13

“Without a doubt, the most exciting part of my classes was the emphasis on creative problem solving.”  – Julie Kerr, Alephnaught, Vol.35, No.1

Hungary has a long tradition of excellence in mathematics education. Founded in 1985 by friends of Paul Erdös, the program encourages student creativity, a key element in the highly successful Hungarian method of mathematics instruction.


  • Small classes, taught in English

  • Full-credit courses taught by instructors with experience teaching North American students

  • Credits are transferable to North American colleges and universities

  • Community of mathematically motivated students

  • The school is near the center of historic Budapest.

  • Modest living costs

  • Excellent public transportation