Past semester course syllabi can be found on the Budapest BSM homepage:


Budapest Semesters in Mathematics semesters comprise 13 weeks of teaching plus one week of exams. Each course usually meets for a total of 42 contact hours per semester (plus office hours) a total of 56 hours including office hours.   Normally, one Budapest Semesters in Mathematics course transfers either as 3 or 4 semester hours depending on an evaluation of course material done by the home institution. Schools (like St. Olaf) which use the course unit system give 1 semester course unit for each BSM course taken: For reference, at St. Olaf, 35 courses are required to graduate and a Budapest Semester’s course transfers as exactly one St. Olaf course. St. Olaf College serves as the School of Record for BSM and provides the official transcript for the program.


During the first weeks of the program, students may shop around for courses, final registration is only during the third week of the semester. This way, students may analyze which courses would best fit with their interests or are required by their home institution. Students usually select 4 courses to study for the remainder of the fall or spring term. During the summer semester, the normal course load is 2 courses. Students will learn about this during the mandatory orientation.