Program Costs

The tuition for the 2020 summer program is $4,995.00 (U.S.).

The tuition for the 2020-2021 academic year is $12,995.00 (U.S.) for one semester or $25,990.00 (U.S.) for a full year.

Fall tuition deadline is July 1, Spring tuition deadline is December 15, and the Summer tuition deadline is May 1.

Lodging, meals, transportation, and textbooks are not included in the tuition; estimates for these costs can be found below. Renting an apartment or living with a family costs approximately the same. Apart from housing, living costs in Budapest are modest.

PLEASE NOTE: BSM does not offer scholarships or financial aid. Students must check with their Financial Services Office or your Study Abroad Office at your college and verify if they will remit tuition payment or if it is the student’s responsibility. If federal loans are used to pay tuition, check  with your financial aid office to make sure your federal student loans will not begin repayment status if you are absent for a semester.

The following estimated costs of living in Budapest for five months, academic year per semester, are in the table below:

Apartment or Family Living Costs

Expense Description Cost
Rent (per student per term) $2,600
Meals (eating out liberally) $3,150
Local transportation $270
Entertainment, miscellaneous $550
Optional language course $350 early bird rate, $440 after Academic Year Payment deadlines,

$200 summer due May 1, late payment is $250.

Deadlines and payment process are listed in the student handbook.

Textbooks $150-350

VISA/Residency Permit              $80

Summer program costs can be calculated on two months versus five months. Link to Summer Program

The above expenses will be paid in HUF; (except for the language course) therefore, depending on the exchange rate, are a rough estimate.

Two more items must be added to these expenses: Transportation to and from Budapest, and travel within Europe.  Responsibility for the transatlantic transportation lies with the student.

Cell phone options include: purchase a pre-paid cell phone in Hungary; skype is available and is the cheapest option; or if you choose to bring a cell phone from home be sure to check with your local company on international rates.

Student Handbooks.