Course materials are designed so that the credits will be transferable to American and Canadian colleges and universities. Normally, one BSM course transfers as either three or four semester hours depending on your home institution. Students should get advice in this regard from the Department of Mathematics or the Registrar’s Office at their college or university. Budapest Semesters in Mathematics courses comprise 14 weeks of teaching plus one week of exams. Each course usually meets for a total of 42 contact hours per semester (plus office hours) a total of 56 hours including office hours. Normally, one Budapest Semesters in Mathematics course transfers either as 3 or 4 semester hours depending on an evaluation of course material done by the home institution.

Students may take as many or as few courses as they feel comfortable with (check your home institutions regulations on this). The “normal” course load is four classes for fall or spring semester or two classes for the summer program, but courses are available according to the Hungarian standard. That is, once a student is accepted to a university program of study, final course load responsibility and authority resides with the student. 

During the first three weeks of the fall and spring semesters, students have the opportunity – European style – to sit in on the courses that interest them (schedule permitting) to get an overview of what courses are available. This way, students may analyze what would best fit with their interests, or they will choose courses that are needed to complete the core curriculum for their home institution. Students usually select three to four courses to study for the remainder of the term; two courses for the summer program. If there is a specific course the student would like to take and it is not offered, they may approach one of the professors on the program, or talk to the Program Director to see whether it would be possible to offer the course. Depending upon how many students would be interested in the suggested course, the professor will try to put together either a lecture or reading course.

BSM course credits and transcripts are issued by St. Olaf College, the program’s School of Record. Upon completion of work in Budapest, St. Olaf College as the School of Record for the program will send an official transcript to the registrar’s office at your home institution (unless you direct us differently). Transcripts will reflect either letter grades A-F, audit/non-attending or incomplete. Normally, one Budapest Semesters in Mathematics course transfers either as 3 or 4 semester hours depending on the home institution. For example, St. Olaf College operates on the course system; 35 courses are required to graduate. A Budapest Semesters course transfers as exactly one St. Olaf course.

If necessary, the student or a representative of the institution may contact the North American Director for additional information.

A list of courses currently being offered in Budapest can be found